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– DOPE Media was founded in 2011 and was one of the first consumer media platforms in the modern cannabis era with the ethos of Defending Our Plant Everywhere.

– Our print publication has become iconic and our events legendary, but Dope Media offers a totally unique approach for niche marketing through multiple platforms.

– DOPE Media, Inc. delivers inspiring, informative, and entertaining multi-platform content. We create engaging content intended to spark conversations about legalization, and influence normalization.

– As a global media company; DOPE’s monthly subscribers find value in our regional monthly print magazine that is delivered direct or available at medical and recreational shops around the United States.

Our Readers. The Facts.

67% of readers/users made a purchase after seeing an ad in DOPE. (Spring 2018 Reader Survey Results)

38% Baby Boomers34% Gen X’ers and 26% Millennials.

– Our readers earn on average over $62,000/year. (Demographic data based on Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics)



projected September distribution.



page views.



followers as of August 1.



unique monthly video views.



expected at Dope Cup – Washington (at Hempfest 2018).

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National vs. Regional

If you’re a regional business, why buy advertising that reaches beyond your boundaries? DOPE Media publishes both a National edition to emerging markets and regional editions in 8 markets and can combine with geotargeted digital advertising to deliver your message with surgical precision.


Reader Demographics

Reader Age


of our readers are over the age of 35 and educated.





Purchasing Decisions


of our audience made purchasing decisions that were influenced by ads seen in Dope.

Take Action


of U.S. magazine readers took action, or planned to take action, based on specific advertising seen in magazines.

The power of print advertising.

Physical print ads are easier for our brain to process and have a higher recall rate.

People exposed to print magazine advertising campaigns spent significantly more (+3% to +36%) than those consumers not exposed (test vs. control) (Nielsen for magazine publisher, Meredith Corp.)

More leg work might be required to calculate ROI of print but according to GfK Panel Services magazines and newspapers have the highest ROI at 125%. Plus, if you combine print and digital that number can increase to 163%.

Plus, with over *67% of ads influencing purchase decision, reach the target audience you want in DOPE today. (Spring 2018 Reader Survey Results)


higher recall for print advertisements


less cognitive effort for processing print media

Combine Print with Digital and make a lasting impact

Print is powerful but to truly maximize your brand impact DOPE offers packages that combine print, digital and social media advertising. Our pre-built and proven advertising packages cross pollinate across our platforms and create the frequency and repetition that is the hallmark of effective marketing campaigns.

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